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10913, Smokehouse, BBQ, Blauvelt, NY, Rockland County, Sports Bar, excellent bbq, craft beers, cornbread soufflé, great food, Restaurant Review Bailey's Smokehouse

  Bailey’s Smokehouse, serving BBQ, is located at 136 East Erie Street, Blauvelt, NY 10913 in Rockland County.

From Bailey's Smokehouse: "Here you can find some of the Best BBQ East of The Mississippi. Our smoking process starts with quality cuts of meat which are rubbed with our own BBQ Spice or marinated overnight. Then they are slow smoked for up to 12 hours using local hard woods until tender, moist and full of flavor. This unique cooking process creates what’s known as a “Smoke Ring” which develops along the outside of the meat and around the bones in our products. You can be assured that despite this red ring all of our meats are smoked to well done and that the “Smoke Ring” you see is a sign of outstanding authentic BBQ." Bailey's Smokehouse restaurant review, website and more . . .
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10965, brewery, craft-brewed beer, Pearl River, NY, high-quality, craft-brewed beer, ales and lagers, micro-brewery experience, authentic, slow-smoked barbecue food, about the brewery, Restaurant Review, Craft-brewed beer, The word is Defiant Brewing Company

  Defiant Brewing Co. a brewery offering craft-brewed beer and authentic slow-smoked BBQ, is located at 6 East Dexter Plaza, Pearl River, NY 10965 in Rockland County.

From Defiant Brewing Company: "The Defiant Brewing Company exists to bring high-quality, craft-brewed beer to the tri-state area, that’s our mission, in a nutshell. Everyday, we strive to create outstanding ales and lagers, challenge the conventions of mass advertised and mass-produced beers, and offer a unique production micro-brewery experience to our customers. At Defiant, we use top-notch raw ingredients to brew outstanding beer. Our passion for innovation shows in the variety of offerings you’ll find at the brewery every day. Come, bring friends, and enjoy - take a tour, have a taste, and take beer home. Defiant Brewing Company restaurant review, website and more . . .

10965, Smokehouse, BBQ, Pearl River, NY, Rockland County, lower-Hudson Valley, spectacular spare ribs, Outdoor dining, Restaurant Review Johnny's, BBQ Smokehouse Grill

  Johnny's Smokehouse, serving BBQ, is located at 50 East Central Ave, Pearl River, NY 10965, Rockland County in the lower-Hudson Valley. Johnny's, BBQ Smokehouse Grill restaurant review, website and more . . .

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