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10994, ice cream, West Nyack, smoothies, store locator, nutrition info, Kosher certification Cold Stone Creamery - West Nyack

  Cold Stone Creamery, serving ice cream, sorbet, and yogurt, has several locations in the Hudson Valley. Cold Stone locations include: Fishkill, Lake Mohegan, Pleasantville, Poughkeepsie, Scarsdale, Somers, West Nyack, White Plains, Lake Mohegan, and locations in Albany, New York.

The word is Before eating any of this ice cream, sorbet, or yogurt, or buying it for your child, we advise you to check ingredients on the Cold Stone Creamery website at Cold Stone Creamery Ingredients.

Caution: Read Ingredients
Ask for a list of ingredients (available at all ice cream counters) before buying any ice cream. If there are chemicals in the ice cream, find chemical-free ice cream for kids and your family at Safe Ice Cream options. Cold Stone Creamery - West Nyack restaurant review, website and more . . .

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Rockland County

Restaurants - Kosher Food

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