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 Brewster Family Restaurants

1577, Family Restaurant, family-owned restaurant-style diner, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Brewster, NY, Restaurant Review, Family restaurant, The word is | Putnam 7 Stars Restaurant

  7 Stars Family Restaurant, a family-owned restaurant-style diner, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is located at 1577 Route 22, Brewster, NY 10509 in Putnam County.

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Diner, Traditional American
Family Restaurant
Full Bar
Parking = Private Lot
Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 Stars Restaurant | Putnam restaurant review, more . . .

10509, Brewster, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, Brewster NY, Putnam County, Applebee’s restaurant, local schools, history, locations, about Applebee's | Putnam Applebee's - Brewster

  Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, serving Traditional American food, is located at 115 Independent Way, Brewster, NY 10509 in Putnam County. Each Applebee’s restaurant reflects its local neighborhood. The decor conveys local themes with photographs and memorabilia highlighting hometown heroes, local schools, and area history.

From Applebee’s: "Applebee's menu features beef, chicken and pork items, as well as burgers, pasta and seafood, with a selection of signature menu items found only at Applebee's. The Pick 'N Pair Lunch Combos are especially popular for the busy lunchtime crowd, offering more than 60 different combinations. The Weight Watchers International, Inc. menu, launched in May of 2004 in nearly all Applebee's restaurants nationwide, continues to be successful today with a number of smart and tasty menu items listing their Weight Watcher's PointsPlus™ values." Applebee's - Brewster | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10509, Diner, Brewster NY, Dutchess County, Restaurant Review, Outdoor seating, "Real" maple syrup, The word is, very good diner, French toast, pancakes | Putnam Eveready Diner - Brewster "24/7"

  Eveready Diner is located at 90 Independent Way, Brewster NY 10509, Putnam County in the Hudson Valley.

From Eveready Diner: "Recipe for American Nostalga: Eat in Diners - Ride Trains - Put a porch on your house - Live in a walkable community - and God Bless America

"For nearly 40 years, it has been a pleasure and an honor serving the great community driven people of Hudson Valley.. The Original Eveready Diner is located in the historic town of Hyde Park, New York. Over the Years the Diner has become and institution, a landmark, and monumental to say the least. As our family grew larger, so did our family business. We now have three great locations: Hyde Park, Brewster, & Rhinebeck, New York. Eveready Diner - Brewster  "24/7" | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10509, Mexicana, traditional Mexican food, Brewster, NY, authentic mariachi troupe, Restaurant Review, Live Music, The word is, great place, drinks are the best | Putnam Fiesta Mexicana

  Fiesta Mexicana, serving traditional Mexican food, is located at 1620 Route 22, Towne Center, Brewster, NY 10509 in Putnam County.

From Fiesta Mexicana: "There is something about Mexican cuisine that gets the taste buds going and lets the appetite run wild. Fiesta Mexicana offers diners warm hospitality and mouth-watering cuisine that will not easily be forgotten.Bring your family and friends, pull up a chair, indulge in a tasty Margarita and catch up after a long week at the ofice. No matter what the occasion calls for or your appetite demands, the friendly staff at Fiesta Mexicana will leave a smile on your face. The menu features classic favorites and modern adaptations that have made Mexico a favorite culinary destination. Fiesta Mexicana | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10509, Indian Restaurant, Brewster, NY, Jaipore Restaurant, Restaurant Review, Serving lunch and dinner, Sunday Brunch, Vegetarian options, The word is, Authentic Indian food, good buffet,  Vegetarian, Restaurant Review | Putnam Jaipore Royal Indian

  Jaipore Royal Indian Restaurant is located at 280 Route 22 in Brewster, NY 10509 in Putnam County.

From the owner: "A short history is given here under which is a mix of fact and conjecture based on research from local sources. The mansion was originally built in 1856 for a local county judge. In 1887, Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher moved into the house upon the death of her husband the great abolitionist, Henry Ward Beecher, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe of Uncle Tom's Cabin fame. She lived in this beautiful country mansion for several years. Mrs. Stowe lived at the same time in Litchfield Ct. and it is expected that the two sisters in law met at this house in Brewster. Jaipore Royal Indian | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .
 All Carmel ListingsPutnam

 Carmel Family Restaurants

10512, Restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Carmel NY 10512, menus and nutrition | Putnam Friendly Ice Cream Shops - Carmel

  Friendly's Restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is located at 2 Stoneleigh Ave., Carmel, NY 10512, Putnam County.

Caution: Read Ingredients
Ask for a list of ingredients (available at all ice cream counters) before buying any ice cream. If there are chemicals in the ice cream, find chemical-free ice cream for kids and your family at Safe Ice Cream options.

The word is The following ingredients are in one or more of all Friendly's Ice Cream products. Do you want to eat this? Do you think your children should be eating this? Friendly Ice Cream Shops - Carmel | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10512, Trattoria, brick oven pizza, pasta, Carmel, NY, Restaurant Review, 
Beer & Wine, Family Restaurant, Outdoor Dining, The word is, cozy restaurant, amazing food, Ariano's, delicious entrees | Putnam Pat's Brick Oven Restaurant

  Pat’s Brick Oven Restaurant is located at 62 Gleneida Ave., Carmel, NY 10512 in Putnam County. Pat's Brick Oven Restaurant | Putnam  website and more . . .

10512, Italian Restaurant, Italian food, pizza, family style, Carmel, NY, Putnam County, Restaurant Review, The word is | Putnam Valentina's Restaurant

  Valentina's Italian Restaurant, serving Italian food and pizza in a family style setting is located at 4 Church Street, Carmel, NY 10512 in Putnam County.

From Valentina's: "Welcome to Valentina's Restaurant. Valentina's is the realization of the lifelong dream of Chef/Owner Peter Vincent. Chef Peter has been dedicated to his craft for over 25 years, starting as a young at home chef in his parents' kitchen. He has spent most of his life developing his recipes to bring you a truly delectable dining experience. Valentina's Restaurant | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .
 All Cold Spring Listings10516, activities, attractions, things to do, restaurants, places to stay, about the village of cold spring, american pie, charming village of cold spring, mta train, fun things to do, attractions, parks, performing arts, boutique stores, antique shops | Putnam

 Cold Spring Family Restaurants

10516, Restaurant & Bar, Traditional American food, Cold Spring NY, Restaurant Review, Kids Menu, Live Music, Outdoor dining on front porch, Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner,WiFi = Free, The word is, all day breakfasts | Putnam Silver Spoon Restaurant & Café

  Silver Spoon Restaurant & Bar, serving Traditional American food, is located at 124 Main Street, Cold Spring NY 10516 in Putnam County.

From Silver Spoon: "Fall is a wonderful time to visit Cold Spring, just a short trip from Manhattan. Our fall foliage is evolving into a complete color spectrum. The crisp weather is perfect for antiquing; walking the village, enjoy the majestic vies of the Hudson River and of course, a delicious meal at Silver Spoon Café. Silver Spoon Restaurant & Café | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .
 All Mahopac ListingsPutnam

 Mahopac Family Restaurants

10541,Tavern, restaurant, traditional, Italian food, Mahopac | Putnam Arturo's Tavern

  Arturo's Tavern, a restaurant serving traditional Italian food, is located at 878 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 in northern Westchester County.

From Arturo's: "Located on Route 6, in Mahopac, New York, Arturo’s Tavern is set in an authentic Log Cabin. Serving up over-sized portions of traditional Italian specialties, huge Martini’s from an extensive Martini Menu and homemade Italian desserts, you’ll come to see why this place is a family favorite." Arturo's Tavern | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10541, Restaurant, Pizza, Italian food, Mahopac | Putnam Dantes Trattoria

  Dantes Trattoria, serving Pizza and Italian food, is located at 167 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 in northern Westchester County.

From Dantes: "Here at Dante's Trattoria in Mahopac, NY, our delectable dishes and family, like warm hospitality, will make your dining experience a truly remarkable one. Established in 1984, our family-friendly Italian restaurant has been reputable for our exceptional dinner menu, wonderful catering services and the courteous behavior of our staff. When you come to our restaurant, we’ll not only treat you like family but also feed you like family. Dantes Trattoria | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10541, Four Brothers, Restaurant and Pizza, Mahopac, NY, Restaurant Review, Outdoor dining overlooking Lake Mahopac, The word is, Mixed reviews | Putnam Four Brothers Restaurant and Pizza

  Four Brothers Restaurant and Pizza is located at 654 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 in Putnam County.

From Four Brothers: "Four Brothers is committed to quality value and your complete satisfaction. The first four bothers was established in 1976. Since then, the company has opened a total of nine fabulous locations. Due to the high standards and great expectations of The Brothers, the chain has become a Family favorite restaurant. In all the Four Brothers Restaurants you will find the highest quality foods at the most affordable prices." Four Brothers Restaurant and Pizza | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10541, Trattoria Ristorante Italiano, Mahopac, NY , Restaurant Review, Children's Menu, 
Cooking Classes, Family Restaurant, Gluten-Free options, The word is, neighborhood pizzeria, Italian restaurant, authentic Southern Italian dishes, Gluten Free Meals | Putnam Gino's Trattoria

  Gino's Trattoria Ristorante Italiano is located at 597 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 in Putnam County.

From Gino's Trattoria: "The Barbaro family has been involved in the restaurant business for over 40 years. Vito Barbaro first immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1955. Upon his arrival, he began working at a small pizzeria in Brooklyn. In 1977, Vito opened his first restaurant, Pizza Beat, in Yonkers, New York. For over 20 years, Pizza Beat served nothing but the finest Southern Italian cuisine. In 1995, his wife Ivana along with their two sons, Gino and Mark, set off to Mahopac to open Gino’s Trattoria (formerly Tony’s Pizza). In 1997, Vito left Pizza Beat and joined the rest of his family to complete the 'Trattoria'. Gino's Trattoria | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

Burgers, Traditional American, Mahopac, NY, Restaurant Review, Live Music, Sunday Brunch, The word is, checkout reviews | Putnam Route 6 Tap House

  Route 6 Tap House, serving burgers and Traditional American cuisine, is located at 728 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 in Putnam County.

From Route 6 Tap House: "Affordability, a family atmosphere, and mouth watering dishes await you at the Route 6 Tap House. We are a family restaurant located across the street from the Mahopac firehouse. Whether you are a family out for a bite, or commuter on the run we have something for you. Route 6 Tap House | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

10541, Pizzeria Restaurant, Mahopac, NY, Northern Westchester Count,  pizzeria restaurant scene in the Mahopac, Restaurant Review, Cuisine = Pizza, Family restaurant, Serving lunch and dinner, Specials on website, The word is, neighborhood pizzeria | Putnam Zach's Pizzeria Restaurant

  Zach's Pizzeria Restaurant is located at 559 Route 6 North, Mahopac, NY 10541 in northern Westchester County.

From Zach's: "Zach's Pizzeria Restaurant was created to offer a better pizzeria restaurant scene in the Mahopac and surrounding areas. Started by a young entrepreneur, his passion is to offer a pizza restaurant experience that attacks the challenge to fulfill the greatest of pizzeria desires. They offer special salads and appetizers as well as the finest of dinner entreés and pasta dinners. Not to be mistaken for a diplomat of casual appearance though is their specialty gourmet pizzas which are sure to resolve any appetite conflict. Zach's Pizzeria Restaurant | Putnam restaurant review, website and more . . .

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