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10524, Highlands Country Club, American cuisine, great meal, best local ingredients, delicious fresh food, casual rustic Tavern, patio, Natural and organic ingredients, Outdoor Dining, Garrison NY, Putnam County, Hudson Valley, Restaurant Review Tavern at the Highlands Country Club

  Tavern at the Highlands Country Club, serving American cuisine, is located at 955 Route 9D, Garrison NY 10524, Putnam County in the Hudson Valley. "A great meal starts with great ingredients. At Tavern, we strive to find the best local ingredients for our dishes, farmed in a manner that sustains the land for future generations. Whenever possible, the products that we feature on our menu are raised naturally without the use of chemicals, hormones or antibiotics." Tavern at the Highlands Country Club restaurant review, website and more . . .

10524, Valley Restaurant, Inn at The Garrison, Garrison, NY, small plate, stunning views, The word is, terrace, magnificent views, brunch, Restaurant Review, Farm-To-Table, Local, grass-fed, and organic options, Outdoor dining, Saturday  Sunday Brunch Valley Restaurant at The Garrison Inn

  Valley Restaurant at Inn at The Garrison, pursues a contemporary fine dining menu of inspired American cuisine. Valley is located at 2015 US 9 at Snake Hill Road, Garrison, NY 10524 in Putnam County.

"Now open year round, Valley has been recognized as a premier dining venue in the Hudson Valley since its opening in 2004. Its seasonal American cuisine, which showcases ingredients from our own two-acre Garrison Farm as well as from other farmers in the region, is a tribute to our efforts to include many locally grown, raised and prepared food products. Valley's menu changes regularly with the season and according to what is perfectly ripe that day. Each Thursday, Valley features an Eat Local lounge menu, including burgers and "small plate" items. Valley Restaurant at The Garrison Inn restaurant review, website and more . . .

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