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12506, Farm-To-Table cuisine, Bangall, NY, Dutchess County, organic breads, local agriculture, menus, Local, grass-fed, organic ingredients, Outdoor dining, patio, Sunday Brunch, food is amazing, Restaurant Review | Dutchess Red Devon "Farm-To-Table"

  The Red Devon, serving Farm-To-Table cuisine, is located at 108 Hunns Lake Road, Bangall, NY 12506, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley. "We serve fair trade organic coffee, organic breads and produce and use only biodegradable or recycled paper products in the Market . . . In supporting our local agriculture we are supporting our local economy." Press blue button for menus, hours, and more. Red Devon   "Farm-To-Table" | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

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Dutchess County

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