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Serevan Restaurant "Mediterranean"


Dutchess County

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Serevan Restaurant, serving Mediterranean cuisine, is located at 6 Autumn Lane, Amenia NY 12501, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Serevan: "The 18th Century name of a bird found on the Ile de France, it also conjures images of ancient Armenia - site of Lake Sevan - the historic capital, Yerevan and home to Chef Serge Madikians' ancestors.

"Blending cultures as deftly as he combines flavors, Serge invites you to savor the pleasures of Serevan Restaurant. From his rich imagination and multifarious background comes an exceptional cuisine, celebrating flavors and ingredients from the Middle-East and the Mediterranean traditions.

"Rendez-vous with friends for a glass of wine at the bar after a round of golf or a bike ride on nearby trails. Linger over a superb meal in the dining room, which offers the glow of a fireplace in winter and year-round, behind-the-scenes views into Serevan's open kitchen. Enjoy drinks or dinner in the romantic garden, knowing that the herbs you see and smell will soon be making their way to your table, along with the freshest ingredients from surrounding farms."

About Chef Serge Madikians
"Food - the preparation of it, the appreciation of it, and sharing the sensual pleasures of it with others--has been a focus of Serge Madikians' life since his childhood. The grandchild of an Armenian immigrant, he grew up in Tehran, Iran, where for three generations his family has owned and operated restaurants and a pastry shop, including their flagship restaurant, Café Naderi.

"In pursuit of his academic studies, Serge moved to California in mid 1980's to study history and philosophy. Then in 1992, he moved to New York City where he completed his graduate studies. But eventually, his passion for cooking prevailed and, returning to his deep roots, he enrolled at the French Culinary Institute in 1998 to further his skills.

"Upon graduating from FCI, Serge cooked alongside the most celebrated chefs working today, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten at Jean Georges; Kurt Gutenbrunner at Monkey Bar and Wallsé; and David Bouley at Bouley Bakery and Danube." . . . Read more about Chef Serge at Serevan website.

Restaurant Review
Cooking classes
Cuisine = Middle East and Mediterranean
Organic and grass-fed options

The word is Rave reviews about the fabulous Mediterranean food inspired by Farm-To-Table ingredients and served in a charming atmosphere by a gracious staff, also offering lovely Outdoor dining in the garden. Must try!

Cooking Classes
The cooking classes at Serevan are limited to six students per class - only two individuals will participate in the preparation of each dish. The small class size will allow each individual to fully partake in the process of cooking, and at the same time, allow time to discuss the participant's disposition towards and understanding of the techniques and ingredients used in each of the dishes prepared.

The cooking classes are held each Saturday morning, between 8:30am and 12noon. After each class, participants enjoy a meal at the restaurant with the dishes prepared during the class, paired with different wines from Serevan's highly praised wine list.

Local Ingredients
Sky Farm in Millerton provides Serevan with its elegant organic greens; free range organic chickens and other meats and poultry are procured from various local farms; and freshly harvested produce is picked up directly from Migliorelli Farms outside of Red Hook. S.O.S. Chefs of Manhattan, provide Serevan with specialty fruit nectars as well as all the imported, wild and/or organic mushrooms. JB Peel Coffee Company in Red Hook supplies Serevan with its special blend of freshly roasted coffee beans; and fresh seafood is purchased directly from the New York City Fish Market.

Location: Amenia

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