Baba Louie’s  "Organic Pizza" | Hudson Columbia County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Baba Louie’s "Organic Pizza"


Columbia County

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Baba Louie’s, serving woodfired organic sourdough pizza is located at 517 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

From Baba Louie's: "Every meal we serve at Baba Louie’s comes from the highest-quality ingredients. Our own artisan bakers provide us with the delicious and nutritious sourdough pizza crusts. We select the freshest veggies, fruits, cheeses, and meats to create our wood fired pizzas and heaping salads . . . We also have an array of vegetarian selections on our menu and our house-made soups are always deliciously vegan. We can also make any pizza with a wheat or spelt crust. The variety on our menu ensures that there is a healthy and tasty option for everyone who sets foot into Baba Louie’s."

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Restaurant Review
Bakery goods for sale
Healthy options
Local, grass-fed and organic ingredients

The word is The pizza is organic and delicious, the salads are fantastic, as are the Italian sandwiches; "no wonder there's a waiting line to get in".

Location: Hudson

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